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Presentation of the Vs3x project

Hello, I present to you the project on which I have worked for several years, because recently, I found how the project could save lives and protect people (children, teenagers, adults and seniors). This is something totally new and it's a major need in today's society.

Let's start with the smallest, the protection of our children. Several new safety tools, some examples: make it virtually impossible that a pedophile approach a child via this service, make abductions really harder.

For the oldest. Once again, several new safety tools, examples: make fraud and crime online a story of past, make much more difficult assaults for example when meeting online, make available several new ways to protect you, these tools can really make the difference regardless of your age or your situation.

Now for another part of the project which is not security.

  • For people who do not know where to go and also more accustomed.
  • New system of references, no matter what you are looking for or offer you will have a chance to meet all your needs.
  • New simplified, more accessible search engine and reducing the language barrier.
  • Finished time wasted. Place your reference and forget it, the system will keep you informed.
  • A chance and equal visibility for all.

What's written on this news is only the tip of the iceberg, this project opens the doors on several new opportunities. I will not publicly disclose the details of the project, because competition is fierce, and I have no desire to see this project in the wrong hands to see rates of use on security. I want this project to be accessible to all free of charge and it won't matter to sell personal information to finance it.

The key of the entire system is the logic, balance and simplicity. Vs3x offer countless other innovations and novelties for beginners and advanced. The project is ready for today's reality.

For the moment, I am alone in this project and it could be long still to be available unless I have help. The question I posed: is it possible to have help to make it available more quickly?

Read more on child security on the blog: The safety of our children, a collective responsibility.

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