As a society, would you like our children to be kept as far as possible away from adult problems?

I mean as a parent, it's not obvious to tell what humans can do to children, because for them everyone seems so friendly and yet one single event can be too much and ruin more than a life. So, what choice do we have, we must teach them things that does not make sense at these ages.

Education is one thing but what about concrete ways?

Do not talk to strangers is good, but who has never get screwed with fine words? In my life, I have already prevented the kidnapping of one family member arriving in time to see a man attract the little girl in his car with candy, the guy was in the average and left in a hurry when I appeared, having get out only three seconds later, it would have been too late. My former partner saved two childs and that included my child, it was a couple who said to search for a cat in their car by encouraging children to help thems by getting thems on board, she arrived at the right moment. The two events happened in two areas of a quiet city. One day I was going to a neighborhood convenience store, I was told by the owner of the convenience store to be careful, because a child like mine, it is highly sought and it sold very well, he said that to me while he was stroking my child's arm, these things should never happen, we do not think to disturb the police because it happens too fast, then it does not stop them and the Internet is a highway for these activities that ruin lives.

What if it's one of the relatives that the child has not learned to distrust or learned what is breach of trust? Do you have a way to prevent it? Do you have a way to protect them from all this? And what about online games where people speak poorly and intimidate others, and also what with the others so-called trusted sites? Currently, there is no real way to truly protect. Or more concretely, what is our so-called advanced technology supposedly done something in that? Do you think this collective problem will be resolved by the children themselves? We must act fast.

It's been years I want to do something and I'm looking for ways to solve this problem and I have finally found the solutions to get there. So, why keep the recipe private? Because I want to be sure that it will be offered completely free to all families in the world and it will be whether funded differently, because Yes, in 15 years of design, I had time to assess the project all around and I put my reputation on this project without any fear.

A perfect system? No! The project cannot protect people physically, but it can certainly help by providing several new and effective ways to achieve it and can also actually save lives and for people of any ages in simple ways that are simply not available now, because there is no project like this currently running, if it exist, I wouldn't have to write this text.

I am looking forward that people understand the importance of this project, because I know that during the time that is lost, there are a lot of people on this planet who suffer what a child should never know. This project will not benefit a single site on the web, but all sites and applications on the web will benefit from this technology and this for free. This technology will bring something new and you will all benefit from, the new features will be: the end of fake profiles, the end of spam, the end of unlawful activities for participants of the services and there will be more, much more, this is just the beginning of the new opportunities.

I do not hide that the project also have some big business interests and will also have tools that can go up to help the local economy and will help people in everyday life, if you want to learn more, ask your questions or wait till the next post to this new blog.

The purpose of my maneuver is to publicize the project and also to find people who want to help the project to emerge.

PS. Sorry if you see errors in my text, but the cause is more important than the spelling of this text.

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